About Us

Over a decade of experience, Bonfire has come out to be a complete Lighting solution destination, which is exclusively & passionately, dedicated to the Lighting industry, providing  the most Innovative, Cost effective, Functional and Aesthetically oriented products.

The company offers high Performance Lighting systems for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Outdoor Applications.

The U.S.P. of the company is to provide Customized Lighting Solutions, which definitely gives an Edge to the Architectural needs, such as:

  • L.E.D.                   (for  wave length, colour temperature, lux levels, etc.)
  • Chandeliers          (for  design, material, light nos., finish, etc.)
  • Outdoor Lights      (for design, IP standards, material, lux levels, finish, etc.)
  • Table lamps         (for design, esthetics, Lux levels, material, finish, etc.)
  • Industrial              (for task light, Lux levels, colour temperature, degree                              specific lights, etc.)


Every product and its components are carefully tested to ensure safety and quality.

Our aim has always been to provide nothing but the best solutions, with a view to build healthy long term relationship and to add value to every delivery.